Why Seashore Partners?

Why Seashore Partners?

We help customers to bridge the challenges by integrating new technologies and industry best practices. Seashore Partners exceeds the competition with proven track record, efficient deliverables, and the team of strategists, System architects, and developers.

With our software development, consulting and outsourcing services, we deliver tangible and measureable value to enterprises

  • Software Development: We offer managed software development, testing and other professional services that include software product development, SaaS development and custom application development spanning cloud, mobile and enterprise
  • Consulting: We deliver managed consulting services that assist you with analysis, planning and implementation of technology enabled solutions
  • Outsourcing: By outsourcing application development, application testing and application maintenance services to us, you can focus on your core activities, thus boosting productivity

Our Unique Process

  • Strategy Building: We deliver unique strategy to meet your business requirements
    • Business Strategy: Addressing unique strategy issues and devising digital strategies that help transform your enterprise
    • Technology Strategy: Designing IT strategy and defining technology and infrastructure needs to support the strategy. Enabling new business initiatives with secure strategies to mitigate risks
  • Planning & Execution: We aim to select the process methodology, best practices, and delivery model and fix the phases of delivering right at the planning stage for easy execution, faster delivery, and better results.
  • Industry Insights: Incorporating business knowledge and industry insights into our solutions, we aim to deliver top-notch solutions that mitigate risks and improve your efficiency and ROI.
  • UX Design: With best-fit processes and fine-tuned delivery strategies, we aim to create tangible enterprise value to the end-user, thus enhancing their experience.
  • Design & Architecture: We partner with you to combine legacy with innovation to offer you a unique edge. Our team prototypes your design and architecture models, which will help deliver quick and quality solutions, thus reducing the time-to-market the actual system/application.

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Benefits of Partnering with us

Continuous Development: The different time zones help in working towards continuous software development, which in turn results in reduced time-to-market.

Cost-Effective Approach: We offer you solutions that are cost-effective and don’t call for heavy maintenance or support costs. We have smart development and delivery models to support the offshore/nearshore business needs.

Highly Qualified Team: Our team not only possesses the relevant skills but is highly qualified on your business needs, and sensitive to your cultural needs. Our experienced team of specialists offers competent and compelling solutions.

Relationship Building: With the shared view of your business, and transparent operations, we cultivate trust and build relations with our customers.

We assure highly capable and innovative solutions for your business problems or needs.

Why don’t you connect with us to get to know us and our offerings better? You may just step onto something that your business needs.

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