Regression Testing

What is the one challenge that you face when enhancing your existing system, offering patches to the software or making configuration changes within the system? The fear of disrupting the existing system or uncovering new bugs is high on the mind of the developer releasing a new version or updating an existing system.

Seashore Partners aims to remove this fear, and offer the picture perfect release for your software updates, with the regression testing services. The dynamic technology environment calls for incorporating rapid changes, which can disrupt the existing environment. Our team with proven methodologies and excellent tools help mitigate the disruptions, while making the solution cost-effective. We perform an impact analysis before making the changes to the test environment as well as the application.

Types of enhancements

The different types of enhancments that call for regression testing include

Application enhancements

  • Bug fixes
  • New functionality added
  • Functionality enhancements
  • System integrations
  • Patches released
  • Interface integration

Test environment enhancements

  • Database updates
  • OS updates
  • Deployment configuration

Need for regression testing

  • New updates to the system can disrupt it. Regression testing will ensure that the updates did not cause changes to the software solution
  • To accelerate the product’s release to the market
  • Reduces the risk of updating a system and minimize the gaps that exist in testing the existing system for bugs
  • Test coverage can be increased without compromising on the timelines

Regression Testing Types

  • Unit Regression Testing: In this testing, the code is tested as a single unit. A focussed approach is used to debug the complex interactions and dependencies within the system
  • Partial Regression Testing: Before conducting the regression testing, an impact analysis is conducted. The new addition or enhancement to the system is tested in sync with the other aspects of the system to determine what modifications have resulted because of the enhancement
  • Complete Regression: If multiple changes are made to the code, this is the testing type that is used. This testing method usually delves from the need to check on the modifications that are made within the software’s core. It will help check if the alterations made have altered the software over a period of time. Once the complete regression testing is done, the updates are released

Regression Testing Services

  • Software Regression: With this approach, we intend to identify the testing needs and requirements. Based on this, we identify the structured schedule for entry and exit, for better test processing
  • System Integration Regression: We evaluate the system’s compliance as well as other requirements, and offer results based on our understanding with fewer tools and resources
  • Test Case Management: We plan the test cases and manage them to improve the testing outputs and make them effective
  • Automated Testing: Using tools and methodologies that help us achieve the trusted outcomes, we save on time and cost
  • End-to-end regression:We define a flow and test the application from start to end to check for defects and bugs

Why choose SP for Regression Testing?

Wondering what makes us the best choice for regression testing services? Here, let us give you the answer

  • We have a defined approach, which makes us plan before we deliver, thus giving you a risk free testing environment
  • We use personalized and creative strategies to accelerate your time-to-market
  • We have a team of experts who have experience of testing applications in different niches, thus giving us an edge over competition
  • We define user-oriented strategies, thus making you a part of the testing team. Our transparency helps us deliver better and faster
  • We work 24/7 thus helping solve various issues in real-time