Manual Testing Services

For flawless performance, you might want to churn in manual testing practices. Certain software tests cannot be automated, and you will need testers with expertise and experience to perform these tasks. Load testing as well as regression testing can be marked under the manual testing umbrella.

Seashore Partners offers excellent capabilities to manually test the software for bugs, and enhance the capability of the solution and make it more reliable and experiential to the users. We bring to the table a combination of testing tools, defined processes and methodology as well as technology and industry expertise, which allows us to give you an edge over the competition.

Manual Testing Process

  • Understand the testing requirements as well as the functionality that need to be tested
  • Prepare the test plan
  • Write the test cases to be executed
  • Actual execution of the test cases
  • Verify the test results against actual results
  • Review and analyse the reports

Based on the review and analysis, the developers make the necessary changes and the testing team conducts the tests. This process continues till the software product is bug free.

Choosing SP for Manual Testing

  • Custom manual testing methods unique to your requirements
  • 360-degree testing approach
  • Team of testing experts with thorough industry experience
  • 24/7 support
  • Edge over competition with quicker time-to-market and quality releases
  • Manual testing frameworks that adept to the changes in the market
  • Cost-effective methodologies