Functional Testing

Facing issues with your software product post-release? Do you have customers knocking at your door in the middle of the night, talking of the many bugs that you released with the software? It is time to work on checking the usability and performance of the functional components before releasing the product.

Seashore Partners, a software solutions provider, works through the entire software development lifecycle with a holistic approach, to offer you a well-structured and unique solution. Our functional testing services takes into account the current as well as the evolving demands of the user, thus focusing on mitigating risks and making the product more usable.

With functional testing, we test the software solution to see if it meets the set objectives and includes the given parameters. The SP team enhances the application reliability while rendering it cost-effective and highly functional.

Why opt for functional testing?

When you are developing a software product for the end-user, ensuring the product is usable and functionally suited to them is essential. This is the main reason you should opt for functional testing.

  • To know the functionality that is missing, and incorporate it
  • To interface the errors in your product
  • To identify the initialization and termination errors
  • Validation of all the functions and features

It also includes usability and compatibility testing along with functional and requirement-based testing.

How it works?

For the uninitiated, the functional testing is all about checking if the product is aligned to the requirements stated.

  • To test the system’s functionality, the appropriate input is provided, and the results are compared to the desired output
  • The testing includes checking the user interface, API, database, security, client/server application
  • There are certain tools used to test the functionality

Our Approach

We take a unique route towards functional testing. With a team of proven and quality testers with a good experience in numerous industries, we have formulated a personalized and effective approach to complete the functional testing in the said time with the assured quality. We use a range of tools and simulation methods to accelerate the process without hampering the quality.

Our approach includes the following steps

  • Understanding the test requirements for the software project
  • Identifying the functional specifications based on the project objectives and declaring the inputs
  • Identifying the outputs for the given set of inputs
  • Preparing the test cases
  • Executing the test cases
  • Assessing and matching the outputs of the test cases with the desired outputs

Why choose Seashore Partners?

  • We have a team with a good experience and expertise. They keep updating their tool expertise, thus staying in touch with the evolving technology
  • We use traceability matrix to offer an error-free and cost-effective software solution. Our matrix are created for the requirement stated
  • We have a well-structured and well-defined functional testing approach, which allows us to go to market quicker
  • Disaster recovery combined with robust infrastructure allows us to offer continuous testing services
  • We have teams working 24/7 thus offering real-time tracking