Node.js Development

Node.js Development

Exceed Customer Expectations with Quicker Launch & Improved Performance

Seashore Partners is a superlative Node.js development company that offers high-performance server-side web applications that automate a range of tasks. We explore a range of development options, before giving you the quality solution that will improve business ROI and reduce overall costs.

Using reliable design principles, contemporary methodologies and superior communication to ensure seamless transfer of information and knowledge, we have applications that cater to the data and real-time needs of businesses in the present times.

Our aim is to offer products that improve user experience, offer high levels of engagement, and keep the end users satisfied. We understand the need for fast, scalable and intuitive applications that are both robust and flexible, and using our abilities and a team of Node.js experts, we aim to provide the experience you desire.

Why Node.js is the Platform for you?

Node.js is a growing dynamic application development platform, which helps create server-side applications that meet the quality requirements. It is a lightweight and efficient platform that helps develop network applications that meet the future requirements. Though it is not a JavaScript platform, developers can code using JavaScript and integrate a variety of modules necessary to develop powerful applications

  • Data Handling Made Easy: Using JavaScript, you can create efficient web processes and server applications that are compatible with OS X, Windows Systems and UNIX servers. With evolving data types and its velocity & veracity, the systems need to ensure smooth flow of data and easy management. With Node.js formulated server-side applications, data storage, retrieval and influx is made smooth and fast
  • Scalable Applications: The evolving data structure, its velocity and veracity sends thousands of requests in a second. PHP cannot handle huge number of requests at a time, which is why Node.js is a well-thought out platform. At lowered costs, it keeps your scalability needs in mind, and offers efficient data management and request handling. The large volumes of traffic is dealt with efficiently with this framework
  • Clean Coding: With clean and best coding practices, the chances of error are reduced heavily. With clean code, you can easily manage, identify and clear the errors that occur in the application. Transparency in the coding system will help improve development process, and reduce the time-to-market

With Node.js you can get improved performance, real-time applications and improved data handling capabilities

Services we Offer

  • Node.JS API Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Plug-ins Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • UX/UI Design

Our Experience

  • Portal Development
  • Marketplace Development
  • eCommerce, Shopping cart
  • Content Management Tools
  • System Monitoring Dashboards

Technology Expertise

  • Frameworks: Hapi.js, Socket.io, Express.js, Mojito
  • Backend: JavaScript, jQuery, Media Query
  • Database: SQLite, MySQL

Why Partner with Us?

Seashore Partners has an exclusively dedicated team of Node.js experts who understand the technology, have experience of developing high-end and high-performance applications with this framework, and an in-depth domain expertise. We use modern methodologies such as Agile scrum tools, and others to ensure proper communication, and smooth flow of the project and high levels of transparency.

We have virtual infrastructures and incorporate best practices to offer quicker launch and quality as well as innovative solutions to further your business.

Our solutions are flexible and robust, keeping your future needs in mind. We have served numerous industries with our solutions. Our incredible reputation is a result of 100% customer satisfaction and enriched user experience.

Partner with us for unique and best-in-class Node.js solutions suited to your business needs.

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