SmartTender – Automated Beverage/Cocktail Dispensing Software


Smartbar is a patented one stop solution helping automate bar tendering process within any organization. It includes interactive touch screen terminal that helps person select a drink and pour it. It has very easy process such as one click pour of readymade drinks, allow creating custom drinks, integrating with POS terminals for restaurants and hotels, and pouring nonalcoholic drinks.

It also has advanced feature to help secure from unauthorized access by scheduling bar open and close time, login through pin and card swipe, provide permissions for users to have restrictive access to admin panel, notify user when bottle is empty, pressure is low and more. Special care has been taken into consideration while designing this system that user has complete information about what is happening in the system.

Reports can also be generated/exported in external drive with just tap and go.


  • User friendly and responsive UI for touch screen platforms.
  • Pour drink in just 2 taps.
  • Functionality to select multiple drinks in an order and pour at once.
  • Advanced security and permission system for authorized access.
  • Option to schedule bar for single/multiple days, helps ensure system is accessed in the authorized hour even when someone has access rights.
  • Detailed reporting, option to export report in external devices with just one tap.
  • Multi user access.
  • Multi-currency and multi quantity support (metrics or English).
  • Tracking for number of drinks poured/ amount of drinks poured.
  • Track unattended access and return to home screen when unattended.


Objectives were challenging as system had to be IOT compliant and run in hardware restrictive environment, few of them were,

  • User friendly and responsive UI without putting much load on hardware.
  • Multi lingual compatibility.
  • Export report in various formats.
  • Performs various hardware tests before starting the software and many statuses check on home screen and while pouring a drink.
  • Run system on hardware restrictive environment with all validations and checks.
  • Handle thousands of data every day without compromising the efficiency of the system.
  • Ability to track the status of the system remotely through web manager.


We had many challenges before working on this system; this software was designed to work on old windows system, drivers and hardware. Now we had to design it to work on new OS and driver but same CPU hardware. There was also new features added which had to work on without having lag in the system.

This application also had to interact with different hardware devices such as PCB board for pouring drinks, printer devices to fetch ticket information, card swipe device for login and some of the issues we had due to printer driver in handling lot of garbage data that had to be done with limited resources and help.

Lot of care has been taken in designing this system to ensure there is least ghost processes running behind; thus by having an event driven system.

Technology Used

Following technologies have been used in developing this system.

  • .NET framework 4.6
  • WPF
  • XML and XAML.
  • C#.NET
  • COM Port communication.
  • SQLite
  • Crystal Report.
  • Web Services.