Case Study

Performance Appraisal (360° feedback) System


This system was built on SaaS model. The client wanted to develop a platform which can be given to their customers on subscription basis. As the system was targeting multiple customers than one it had to be configurable by users so they can set it up as per their appraisal process.


The system was built with these objectives:


The system posed these challenges:


The product was built on Agile (Scrum) development model so each feature can be validated as early as possible and changes can be incorporated based on review and feedback. The project started with creating wireframes of all features and then functionality was plugged in. The project started with sprint duration of four weeks and as the product matured sprint duration went down to two and then one week.

XML was extensively used to store form definitions in database and ease of rendering on browser. Multiple data types were provided so forms can be designed with elements like free text boxes, drop down lists, check boxes and number and date boxes. Facility was also provide to ensure that mandatory information was supplied and in correct format when submitting the forms.

Technology Stack

The system was built on these technologies:

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