AdYoYo – B2C Video Based Application Solution


  • AdYoYo a B2C Application for Buy & Sell of products through video locally.
  • With Video Editing feature on application, makes easier for users to produce a video – with features of Adding Text, Adding Music & Voice Over
  • While the client had conceptualized the application quite well they lacked the technical skills, or a technology partner, to convert the concept into a robust architecture and a functioning system.


AdYoYo System to be build had these objectives

  • Development has to be thought on two aspects backend system and frontend system
  • Backend to be integral part of system as it will hold entire data and operations of applications
  • Provide the ability for user to record video up to 60 seconds with custom camera of the application.
  • Identify video transcoding platform that can be integrated into native application with great response time.
  • Real time video editing features for the application.


Architecting and designing this system was challenging because of these considerations

  • Manage Video Transcoding
  • Define architect of system with AWS
  • Increase the effectiveness of application by including video editing features
  • Database Structure


  • Cloud based development using Python with Postgre backend database with Native iOS and Android applications.
  • Development over Python helps web GUI applications, Desktop GUI applications and is excellent for Numerical, Statistical or Image/Video processing programs.
  • Using in-built data structures few- lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries, strings and thread safe queues for correct algorithm of system.
  • Using as Kaltura Video Transcoding has easy-to-use interface can be customized via APIs and developer tools.

Technology Stack

The backend system was built on Python Django and third party libraries.

  • Python 2.7
  • Django 1.9.7
  • Django Rest Framework 3.3
  • Angular 1.4.7
  • Postgress 9.5
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • Celery
  • Search Engine – Elastic Search
  • Kaltura Video Transcoding