Why Swift is the Future of Enterprise App Development?

According to a recent article by Techcrunch, Swift is the future of enterprise app development. According to Tim Cook, in the next 20 years, Swift will be the next big programming language. The reasons were attributed to smaller learning curve, and the open-source framework.

Swift is an excellent open-source programming language crafted by Apple for iOS, OS X, tvOS and WatchOS. The idea was to help build interactive, responsive and highly intuitive enterprise applications. Coding is easy, crisp and interactive with this programming language, and the syntax is concise. There are specific advantages to building applications with Swift.

There are numerous advantages of moving ahead with Swift. Let’s discuss the few that we are aware of, specifically for enterprise mobile app development here.

It’s open-source
There is no better proof of Swift being advantageous to enterprise app development than the fact that it is open-source. The source code along with the bug tracker and the mailing list are easily available to everyone, which makes coding easy and debugging easier. This is a powerful programming language, with complete support from Apple and Linux platforms, making it easier for developers to code software.

It is modern
The programming language comes with extensive experience in developing Apple platforms. The APIs are easy to read into and maintain the clean syntax. The code in here is decidable, and less prone to errors. Auto managed memory is another sign of this language being modern and easy to code with.

It comes with interoperability
You will never create an application without thinking of the future. You will always need to think of the future when creating a business application, as the business will grow and there will be more stakeholders. With Swift you can scale the app for the future, and enhance its functionality as and when needed. Swift comes with easy coding, and can co-exist with Objective-C files. The APIs make adoption of this programming language easy.

Other advantages
Apart from this, there are various reasons why you should go with Swift for enterprise mobile app development

The programming language comes with advance error handling model, which ensures the syntax is clean and devoid of errors

There is an in-built functionality to build the best app for the target OS version

This programming language completely eliminates the use of unsafe code classes

It comes with high performance LLVM compiler, which makes compiling and debugging swifter

Going Ahead
Tim Cook and Techcrunch are stating the obvious, as Swift is indeed the language of the future. While most developers still love using Objective C, the clean and error-free code is possible only with Swift.

Share your views and comments on the same, and let us know if you would consider going ahead with Swift for enterprise applications.