Top Reasons for iOS App Rejections on Appstore

It is no news that the app world is quite crowded, and fighting for the top spot is not so easy. There are over one million apps in the AppStore at this moment, and every day you see more people trying to get theirs onto the store. It is not just about getting to the top spot anymore; it is also about getting into the store, and being visible to the audience.

Why getting into the store is a trouble, you may ask? Well, who doesn’t know about the rigorous rules and tough calls that Apple takes before taking in your app. It is a battle like situation out there, and only the fit survive.

There are many reasons why your app might get rejected when you upload it to the Appstore. We have outlined a few, and even mentioned ways in which you can overcome them.

No compromise on testing
One of the major reasons your app gets rejected by the app store is the presence of bugs. You may not have tested enough, which is why you could not see the bugs or glitches that Apple could see immediately. If you are a premium app and priced high, then your app should be picture perfect according to Apple. Make sure your app is free of bugs and glitches before you even think of sending it to the Appstore.

Changing the standard functionality
Apple is not forgiving about changing the standard functionality. If you mess with the physical buttons and change the entire purpose of having those buttons, then Apple moderators may not allow your app to the store. Make sure you don’t play with the core.

A clone with no difference
Apple does not like apps that are exact copies of other apps. Even if you are making a similar app, you should have a different USP, which will make your entry to the App store smooth. People don’t really want another app that looks, feels and is exactly similar to the one they are already using. You could be rejected because of the copy app you submitted.

Inconsistency in UI/UX
The look and feel of the app is important for Apple. If your UI is not consistent with the standards mentioned by Apple, your app is likely to get rejected. The top left corner of the app screen should have the home button. The controls of your app should be clear and should be intuitive. The navigation should be smooth. If your app does not meet these criteria, you may get rejected.

App info is misleading
When you upload the app to the store, you also write the information related to the app. This should be in sync with the purpose and the main goal of your app. If the screenshots or other information are not in sync with the purpose you have stated, you might be rejected immediately.

Make sure your app information is perfect, in line with what you have developed, and the screenshots are images of the app.

Summing it up
These are just a few known reasons for app rejection, and if you are unable to overcome them before uploading the app, you are bound to get rejected. You should ideally do a comprehensive testing of the application, study the guidelines and make sure your app follows it to the t, and then upload it to the AppStore.

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