Top Features That You Must Include in Your Next On-demand Food Delivery App

Our life has suddenly turned on-demand. We want things when we demand it, and how we demand it. The food delivery industry had to transform to meet this new age consumer who is looking to satisfy their needs immediately, with complete satisfaction. Not only does the online delivery channels offer a complete range of the dishes served at restaurants, but also a whole load of discounts, which has led to the increase in the number of consumers. Add to this, the on-demand aspect of food delivery, and you see an increase in consumption and profitability.

A mobile app is pivotal to the success of the on-demand food delivery setup. If you want to develop an on-demand mobile app, here are some of the features that you simply cannot ignore.

Quick registration
A food delivery app requires you to register; however, when it is time to register you don’t want a long form to trouble you. The customers fearing the long typing hours will not even register on your app. That’s why you need to think of alternatives that will help with quicker and easier registrations.

The best bet is to integrate social signups. They will help you convert the most. Integrate Facebook or Google Ids to allow the users to signup. You will also get a good amount of ready-to-use data available from these mediums, which you can use to build insights on the consumer.

On-demand is immediate, and when you look for social alternatives, you are winning the game already. The user is immediately onto your platform, and ready to order the food for the day.

Improved search capabilities
For any on-demand food delivery app, the restaurant options available is very important. It is important for you to get the restaurant options according to the food item you want to order or, browse by the offers or discounts.

Your app should satiate these needs of the browser immediately. You should first research on the geography where you want to enter, and then research the restaurants that are available in the locality or geographic area.

Uber Eats for instance allows you to search for restaurants in your locality, within a few kms. If you are looking for discounts, the app should allow you to search for restaurants that serve the food you are looking for with good offers and discounts.

If you are developing a food delivery app, then you must have these features in the app for user experience and easy conversion.

Tracking should be easy
It is important for the food delivery app to make sure they don’t create a lot of suspense for the user. So, you should allow tracking of the food from the restaurant to the user’s home. Some of the on-demand food apps tell you when the order was placed, how long will it take to reach you, and will allow you to know where the order is at present i.e. in the kitchen or on the way. There is also the GPS tracking ability of the application that makes it a success with the end users. You should always include this feature into your app.

Finally, you should have the easy payment option integrated into your app. Make sure the payments are convenient and can be easily made. The payment gateway should be secure for the users to trust you and make the transaction.

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