Looking to Recreate Doctor on Demand? Here are The Must-have Features for an On-Demand Doctor App

Technology is slowly helping healthcare reach more people virtually. With a tap on your phone, you can connect with doctors, and get your test reports home. The technology is penetrating deeper and is all set to help the patients living in the rural areas too, where tech and healthcare both are slow to reach.

With on-demand technology gearing up, every sector wants to utilize its potential to build up a stronger base for the users. On-demand is all set to disrupt healthcare as well. With the needs being immediate, and the data to check on real-time, on-demand is more of a necessity in this industry.

Doctor on demand, is one of the finest apps that has incorporated the on-demand method to connect the patients with doctors in times of emergency as well as for regular services. The idea is to help the patients get immediate assistance.

If the statistics are anything to go by, then digital healthcare is all set to reach $200Bn by end of 2020. You will need to be a part of this growing community, if you want to stand out, and offer solutions to major gaps and problems existent in this segment.

If you are planning a tech start-up with an on-demand process in the healthcare segment, here are some of the features you simply cannot ignore. Let’s get started.

Consultations through live videos
The most important concern for an app like doctor on demand is to ensure quick and easy access to the doctors. Most consultations occur in-person; however, this would not have been possible if you don’t live in an area with an access to doctors or the access is limited. The mobile app will be your immediate gateway to health care and assurance.

The live video conferences will help the doctors connect with the patients, and get their issues resolved. The user just needs to have a good internet connection, and the rest is taken care of. The videos should be able to view into HD images shown by the patients, in case of x-rays and other details needed for immediate consultation.

This is the best way for doctors to penetrate into rural areas or areas that have limited accessibility to good hospitals and medicines.

Scheduling made easy
Most times, the patients are unable to go through the pain of waiting lines. Hence, they require someone who would come to their homes and see their condition. If that is not possible, they would need a doctor who would schedule the time, and ensure their availability at that time.

This is made possible with the on-demand healthcare apps. They tend to connect the doctors with the patients and ensure easy access to medicines and other care giving options. In case, the doctor wishes for an in-person meet, the app will allow the user to schedule the time, and make sure they are in the doctor’s cabin at that time. The waiting time is reduced, and the patients have better access to medicines and doctors.

Maintaining the history
The app should have a complete history of the patient’s medical records as well as their consultations. This would help any doctor coming on-board to consult the patient and ensure proper medication.

For instance, any patient with a history of allergy should not be given certain medicines. The records would contain these descriptions and would allow the doctor to prescribe accordingly. The past prescriptions would also be recorded in the app’s history, allowing the doctor to know what worked for the patient and what did not.

Geolocation and tagging
Sometimes, the patient is aware of the nearest doctor; however, they are not aware of the distance and location. The app should be able to help with the location as well as navigation. In case of on-demand, the patient should be able to see where the doctor is and how long will they take to reach your location. This is helpful in comforting the patient, as the navigation on the map will tell them that the doctor is on the way, and so is the treatment.

A lot of on-demand doctor apps have started integrating this feature, as they believe it is necessary from the patient’s perspective.

Summing up
The on-demand segment is one of the most preferred segments, and every industry is looking for ways to incorporate on-demand to help benefit their users. With our mobile app development expertise and industry knowledge, Seashore Partners can help you with a successful mobile application that will help you reach your target audience. Connect with us for further discussion or idea validation.