How a Good Restaurant App Can Boost Your Business and Improve Profits?

On an average, the mobile usage is 2x times that of the desktop usage. Considering this, and the exponentially increasing number of mobile users, it is a risk if you don’t have a mobile app for your restaurant business. The average smartphone user has at least one restaurant app on their phone. If you have not tapped into this segment, you are probably losing out on a major chunk of your business.

The mobile app allows you to engage better with your audience, and improves your connection with them. There are potential benefits for your restaurant business if you own a mobile app. Here we will take you through the different ways in which a restaurant app boosts business and profits.

Increases the number of bookings
Reservations go one notch up and online orders tend to increase your customer base with the restaurant app. The number of customers served is not just an indicator of the success you have attained with your business, but also an indicator of the popularity.

Bookings have always been the biggest pain point for the restaurant business. Managing a telephone booking or an in person booking, and reserving tables, and ensuring they are free at the said time, is nearly impossible. Also, if your table is booked for the occasion, and no one comes in, you have actually let go of revenue for your business.

The online world is smarter and easier to manage. Your app allows the bookings to be made and managed. You also have the no-show policy read out to the users. Confirming bookings and sending out booking information prior to the actual time is done via notifications, which makes the lives of the receiver and the restaurant easy. Cancellations are also easy to process via the app.

Improves business revenue
There is nothing more lucrative in the benefit section than revenues. As a business, you are constantly working on how to improve your revenue and increase profits. The mobile app for your restaurant business is the answer.

73% of the restaurants agreed that if the phones were occupied at peak hours, their takeaway business lost a lot of revenue.

Takeaway is a major business, and this can be managed with an app. You can incorporate the online order feature, and get the people to place their orders and the app will time the order. The user can then collect the order from the takeaway counter, located separately at the restaurant. This has led to an exponential increase in the average orders per year for the restaurant industry.

Brand Visibility
The very reason you need an app is to improve your brand visibility and make your brand vocal. Getting them to install the app, and having it in their phone can improve your brand’s value increasingly. Remember, you are competing with dozens of restaurants that are as good as you are. You need to stand out, and the mobile app will help you do that. It will make sure you are at the top of their mind, and will give you a certain status.

The mobile app should be designed keeping in mind the user’s needs and the way the user interacts with an app. It should have a logo, which should create an impact on the user’s mind. The design should be in sync with your branding, and you should use colours that define you.

Customer loyalty is a thing
Loyalty points are trending, and the digital loyalty is a great way to retain your customers. A lot of restaurants are adopting this method but, having an app and maintaining the digital loyalty is way easier than working your way around manual ways of maintaining points.

The digital loyalty program is a major influencer in increasing spends, and makes the people opt for online orders, and gives your restaurant a good business. You will of course need to plan and market your digital loyalty program well, in order to improve your restaurant business, and work a way towards profits with your app.

Better Payments
If a customer can book their place via the app or order in via the app, they should be able to pay via the app too. The online ordering helps you ensure the ordered food is taken away by the people, as you have a option to send the ordered food to the address given. Secondly, the online ordering also makes sure the wait line for ordered food that needs to be collected by the customer is small or nil.

Payments is a major part of the online ordering. If there are as many payment options as possible, the customer can choose from them and get the convenience needed. The last thing you want is someone to go away because you did not have the payment method they are most likely to choose.

The convenience the customers get from mobile apps is what helps grow your restaurant business, and reduce the glitches.

Summing up
Customer engagement is a major reason for increase in revenues and improved profits for your restaurant business. You need to design your app as per the customer’s needs and ensure your service and food is full of quality. Take into account the customer’s requirements, their engagement metrics and even their behaviour while designing the app.

There are features that you must include when designing the restaurant app. We shall discuss this in our next feature, so that you know the points you need to keep in mind when designing the app and the features you should have at the top of your charts.

If you have a restaurant app idea or want to discuss possibilities for mobile app development for your business, then get in touch with us. We have successfully collaborated with businesses to bring to life their app ideas.