ASO vs SEO: Are We Looking at Two Different Optimization Strategies?

When you hear ASO, there are chances you might connect it with SEO. While both are optimization strategies, and work in a similar fashion, they are different in many ways.

Let’s look at what App Store Optimization really is and how it improves optimization efforts.

App Store Optimization is improving the branding and augmenting the visibility of an app within the app store. The idea is to improve the app store rankings and this has no relation whatsoever with the search engine rankings for the application.

SEO on the other hand works towards improving the website and increase its ranking on the search engine. The former works well within the premises of the app store, while the other improves optimization for both the search engine and the website itself.

Here we will compare the two based on three important factors, and define how each is different.


Optimization basically improves the ranking of a website or a mobile app. Both the optimization strategies effectively work towards this ultimate aim. In case of app store, the app title plays an important role in ensuring maximum downloads for the app. The title creates the impression on the user. The number of downloads is proportional to the trust it imbibes in the user for the app. The ranking is again based on the keywords used.

On the other hand, the search engine rankings are improved when the website has included meta tags and proper keywords on the website. Rankings in this case improves when there are multiple links pointing towards your website, and they are all qualified links. The quality matters in improving your search engine ranking.


This is the next point of comparison. The ratings are important if you want to increase visibility of your app online. The app store has its own rating methods, which is solely managed by the application. The more ratings and reviews you get, the better your app is ranked on the app store.

Ratings has no relation with the ranking you get on the app store. They definitely help with conversions but, the rankings are solely dependent on the algorithm of the search engine and how far and wide Google is able to crawl through your website. You will need to use strategies such as link building, relevant and personalized content and on-page optimization techniques to get noticed by Google or other search engines.


This is one of the points of similarity between ASO and SEO. Both require you to search for keywords that can improve the site or app’s optimization. You need relevant and low competition keywords if you want to differentiate your brand on the search engine, and improve the rankings. You will need to do a competition keyword analysis if you want to know the keywords that are likely to perform better.

While both are optimization strategies, they work for different aspects of brand building. The ASO works specifically for the app store while, the SEO works for the search engine, and outside the store and within a wider perimeter.

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