Advantages of Doing Web Development with Python and Django

Web Development with Python and Django

Compared to the modern programming languages such as PHP and Java, Python offers efficient programming structure. It may not be modern, as it was released in the year 1991 but, it still holds a special place in the hearts of the developers. For one, this language has outlasted others. It is a reliable and dynamic language.

Python and Django are mostly used to develop large scale applications. Here, we will discuss the benefits.

1) No lengthy coding: Unlike Java, Python cuts down the coding length. What takes several lines in Java, can be programmed with just a few lines in Python.

2) The stepping stone: Python is essential to learn other coding languages especially C#, JavaScript and Django

3) Smaller learning curve: It has the smallest learning curve, and is very easy to learn. A few days into this programming language, and you can code applications with ease

4) Prototyping made easy: If you want to design your application’s prototypes, Python accelerates the process of prototyping. You save a lot of time.

5) Highly flexible: This programming language has integrated with other programming languages, making development easy and developer friendly. For example, CPython is a version of C while Jython is integrated with Java. PyObjC contains the ObjectiveC tools. RubyPython is a version of Ruby. With this flexibility, you can run Python in various environments without any issue.

6) Resources: Python has an extensive library, which is filled with functionality you can use to build large-scale applications. You can improve the capabilities of your application with these features. Updating and upgrading your app becomes easy

7) Different Environment: Python offers numerous programming environments and frameworks. If you want to code large applications or something more complicated, you can use Django and Flask frameworks. You can code quickly and easily with this language. With the different environments, you can be more productive and efficient with Python. Now, that has to be an advantage for you

The Django Advantage
Python allows you to harness the advantage of Django.

1) You can easily model the domain and code classes with Django. Django offers ease of designing templates, and allows you to develop applications that can be quickly deployed. Basically, you get an advantage over others in terms of speed and development.

2) Django offers better database handling capabilities. You can integrate MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle Django for your database requirements

3) Adding new users and giving them rights has become easy with Django.

Python and Django in combination offer speed of development, flexibility, scalability and robust applications. If you want to develop cost-effective applications, then this combination is perfect for you

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