6 Issues That You Might Face with Django at Beginner Stage

Django is a powerful framework and there is no denying that. You have enough proof in the form of top-notch websites, and web solutions. However, you won’t be able to give out an excellent solution right at the start. When you begin using Django, there will be times when you would struggle with the basics. Here are 10 issues ou are likely to face as a beginner.

Django is different from a CMS
Django is not your standard CMS like WordPress or Drupal. So, administering it or even installing it can be different and slightly difficult. The power of Django helps you deliver a powerful backend for your perfectly designed frontend.

Configuring local environment
Beginners will tell you how difficult it is to set the local environment when you are starting out with Django. If you don’t know concepts such as Symlink, the time taken to configure the local environment is going to be longer than developing the first app. Make sure you read the documentation available in detail. If you don’t understand what is available, you can resort to the videos available. It will help you configure faster.

Projects and Apps
New to Django? Chances are you will get confused between projects and apps. In this framework, project is basically a collection of apps. Creating an app’s clone is a project while the nitty-gritty of the project such as the inclusions or features and functionality will become the app for Django.

If you have been working with CMS for a while now, you would understand modules. The Django apps are similar to these modules. However, when you say apps, they tend to perform a single scope or function.

Media files
The media files don’t belong to Django, which is why they are kept in a separate directory, away from the apps. There are many ways in which the media files are served, and you could use either the webserver or the cloud services for this purpose. This is something a beginner may not understand or comprehend at the start.

Migrations in Django
When you are migrating database in Django, then you might face a situation if you are a beginnger. The migrations are manual with Django, unlike the other platforms, and you will need to use a third party tool, if you want to automate it. Again, if you make even slight modifications to the database, you may modify it entirely.

It should be a good idea to use tools like South which makes the overall process simple and handles all the migration issues efficiently.

Custom template tags
There are a lot of built-in template tags available with Django. However, if you want to write a custom tag, then it becomes a bit of a situation, especially if you are a beginner. Check the documentation before you attempt the writing.

Moving forward for beginners
Django is quite a tricky platform but, if you can handle it, it offers some of the best solutions and powers to the developers. It is always a good idea to hire professionals for your Django application development.

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