Automation Testing

If your business wants to survive the dynamic virtual environment, you should surge ahead of your competition. Reduced time & efforts in testing the software solution can help you get to the market quickly and improve your reputation.

Seashore Partners helps with automating testing, and improving your speed to reach the market. We understand that today’s world is governed by multiple devices and operating systems, and it is important your software works seamlessly irrespective of the channel, offering unique user experience.

We incorporate best practices and optimize our testing methods to maximize the results and improve the efficiency of the team. We use tools with pre-built test cases, and proven methodologies to improve our test results.

We develop test frameworks suited to your personal needs, and unique requirements.

Challenges that testers face

  • Multiple devices with different sizes and form factors
  • Multiple OS versions with frequent releases of updates
  • Actual devices not available
  • Several testing tools
  • Numerous interfaces and simulation networks available

Benefits of Automating Testing

  • Detailed testing and review as well as analysis of the software system possible
  • Quicker releases of the updates
  • Removes bugs from the core of the system
  • Manually conducting the several repetitive tasks can become time consuming. Automating the tasks can save time and money
  • Wide test coverage
  • Allows simple and easy handling of the testing environment
  • The testing team can concentrate on actual analysis and review instead of conducting the several tests, thus improving productivity

Tools used for Automating Testing

  • Selenium
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • Test Complete

How to choose an automation tool?

Based on the following questions, you can choose the apt test automation tool for your testing framework

  • Does it come with multi-platform support?
  • Can you reuse the scripts to conduct the tests?
  • What is the lead time for a new OS version or the update?
  • Does the tool come with integration capabilities?
  • Can you deploy the app quickly with this tool?
  • How efficient is the test workflow?
  • How easy it is to share the development file for testing?

Why choose SP for test automation?

Here are the reasons you should opt for SP for automating application testing

  • A defined framework with a pre-determined approach
  • A testing team with years of experience and expertise
  • Customize automation to meet your unique needs
  • 24/7 support and help from the team

We have been helping clients with automating their testing environment, and improving their productivity. Connect with us if you want to accelerate your testing methods without compromising on quality.